Make Them Suffer // Free Your Mind by James Kilian on Flickr.

Comeback Kid (10 year anniversary tour), 2013. DNA lounge, San Francisco CA 

Funny You Should Ask - The Front Bottoms (x)

Counterparts by Senny Mau on Flickr.

Being As An Ocean /// This Loneliness Won’t Be the Death of Me

This photo is from about two weeks ago when we played a house show. It feels so amazing to play infront of people and not be shy or scared. 

Check us out apartment 6 

Photo credit Tyler Rayburn
Anonymous asked: "i disagree!! gay sex is so much better! my boyfriend left about an hour ago for mississippi and we had the kinkiest sex and came all over eachother and now im sore"

All sex is great sex


The Story So Far | Clairvoyant.

Parkway Drive live@LiveClub (by YRV* Photographer)
Anonymous asked: "Lesbian sex is so much better than straight sex I had it for the first time and with a girl you know what each other like and it was so good and she kept pulling me into her and I orgasmed like 3 times omfg and her lips were so smooth and she took control and it was the most amazing experience just thought I'd let you know"

I must agree lesbian sex is pretty fucking great. Im v proud of you I’m glad you digged it


Chelsea Grin Live at Warped Tour in Chicago

Open Letter // TAA [x]

I watched you burn and I felt it [x]